Columbia West Properties

Columbia West Properties is a West Coast commercial real estate investment company. Since our inception in 1988 we have acquired and developed commercial office spaces, retail, urban parking, hotels, marinas and storage facilities. 

From Our Clients

Interested in working with us? See what other clients have to say about doing business with Columbia West Properties and Pineapple Hospitality.

"Why did I bring The Ramada deal to Columbia West Properties, Inc.? it comes down to reputation. When we look for buyers, we always go to people we know are qualified to buy, are legitimate buyers and have the propensity to close. It helps when they are fun to work with, understand the process, and have a good attitude about making the deal come together."

Chris Burdett | Senior Vice President
Northwest Colliers International Hotels

"With all that goes into building out and moving to a new location, Columbia West properties made it a pleasant experience. The CW staff was friendly to work with and responsive to our needs and wants."

Brad Green | CEO
Conover Insurance

"Their ability to move so quickly and decisively is unusual in this business, and it increases their credibility and compatibility statement, I wish all my clients were so decisive and so reasonable with their purchase offer."

Jim Klinger | Senior Vice President
GVA Kidder Mathews

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