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Columbia West Properties is a West Coast commercial real estate investment company. Since our inception in 1988 we have acquired and developed commercial office spaces, retail, urban parking, hotels, marinas and storage facilities. 

"Super Fantastic" Customer Service

We recently received this email overflowing with praise for Aaron Lingley, The Maxwell Hotel's Front Desk Supervisor. Aaron -- your dedication to your job and our guests is incredible. Thank you for all you do, and for exemplifying what it means to be "a piece of the Pineapple!" 


My name is Barbara and I work at the Critical Path Institute in Tucson, Arizona. My position is that of Project Coordinator, which is part Executive Assistant and part many other things. As such, I am responsible for travel for our team and [D.H], [N.K.] and [K.R.] who are part of this wonderful team.

Working with The Maxwell Hotel has been an absolute pleasure from Brittany sending me the awesome letters of confirmation and others sending the breakdown of rates when requested by my finance department to your super fantastic Front Desk Supervisor, Aaron Lingley!

Talk about a great representation of Customer Service! I have been in Customer Service over 30 years in one way or another, and he is a true asset to your organization. He exemplifies what I feel is just that WOW feeling that I know your brand promotes. There were many twists and turns with our teams arrival and changes in time due to canceled flights and each time I emailed or called Aaron, he assisted without hesitation. He was kind, efficient, non-blaming, professional and I could go on and on. I work long hours and on supposed time off and of course, it is my choice sometimes and never expect anyone else to. However, halfway through one of the 3 days we were emailing, I realized he was on his day off and was still assisting me! We both were online later that evening making sure his guests and my team were settled and yes, we were both off. I am so in debt to him for his help to make me look good, which in turn made me look good to my leadership team and just had to send a glowing review.

Please know this guy deserves any accolades he can receive from you, your company etc. and do not forget what a value add to your team you have please. I expect to visit your hotel one day because of this and I will also recommend it to anyone I know traveling to Seattle (and our company alone travels frequently) and we all know how word of mouth is for advertising.

Thank you for the absolute pleasure of working with a fine hotel such as yours!

Kind Regards,


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